Help Needed at the Green Centre

68564_166832536688063_4190379_nThe Green Centre in East Brighton is run by Melanie Rees (one of the founders of the Lupus Brighton & Hove group). They have been collecting milk bottle tops there for the past 6 years to support Lupus UK.

From 2013 any funds raised will go to Lupus Brighton & Hove, who will share them equally with Lupus UK. Collecting milk bottle tops doesn’t raise gazillions of money, but it does raise gazillions of positive energy and awareness as there are literally thousands of collectors around the country! They come from far and wide. As an activity it is also of great support to the environment saving tonnes of plastic from going to landfill.
The Green Centre is currently looking for people to help sort the bottle tops – either for a couple of hours on a Tuesday or Thursday at the Green Centre. Alternatively if you know any groups (eg. families, work groups, Scouts, Girl Guides, etc) they could come and do this as  a group activity on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. The Green Centre is a very peaceful environment with a beautiful garden, a fabulous range of teas and coffee and a very well stocked biscuit box!
If you think you can help please contact Melanie and leave a message on 01273 687700  or email