Help with Disability Aids

It was brought to our attention by a few members of the group, that sometimes with lupus we need extra aids either in the home or to get around. Joint pain caused by the inflammation in hips, knees and ankles can make walking difficult sometimes and it isn’t always clear how and where to get help. GPs don’t always offer to refer us to other services that may be available to us.

Access Point is a service offered by Brighton and Hove council. If you ring their number (01273) 295555 or email them at  they should be able to help by giving you an assessment and the providing you with the equipment you need.

Adaptations include: providing ramp access, adding handrails, widening doors, raising electrical sockets, replacing a bath with a level access shower, or installing special equipment for people with hearing or visual difficulties. These adaptations may be funded or partially funded by the council, depending on your circumstances.

For example, one of our members had a handrail put in by the steps at her front door by this service. They said that they can also provide basic adjustable walking sticks.

Another of our members also wanted to make us aware of Joint Community Rehabilitation Service (JCR) which is provided by East Sussex Council and is available to people leaving hospital or if you’ve been assessed to qualify by a GP, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or social worker. Their number is 0345  60 80 190.