Hospital Appointments

We just wanted to make you aware that it is now the Sussex County Royal’s policy to discharge you back to your GP if you reschedule two appointments in a row.

One of our members recently had to cancel a second appointment at the Rheumatology department there. She was told that she would be discharged from the clinic and would have to be re-referred by her GP, regardless of the reasons for the cancellations. In this case, she’d cancelled her hospital appointments due to illness, then due to a friend’s memorial service and it was only after much argument that she got her appointment rearranged.

Speaking to the hospital, we’ve since discovered that appointments are now being handled through a Central Admissions department, rather than the Rheumatology department. If you call the new central appointments line :0300 303 8360 to reschedule, you’ll find that this is their policy.

However, I was assured that if you do need to cancel two appointments in a row, if you speak to the Rheumatology department directly then they will let you make a third appointment. She said they fully understand that in Rheumatology, many of their patients may have to cancel appointments due to illness. The extension number for the Rheumatology department is X4220. (Call Main Switchboard 01273 696955 and ask for extension 4220 or the Rheumatology department.)