Mini Library for Lupus Brighton and Hove


We believe that an important part of living with a long term chronic illness like lupus is learning as much as you can about it.

As you may have read in our last Newsletter, we have agreed with Brighton and Hove City council to spend the small remainder of our grant money, to create a small collection of books about lupus, that our members will be able to borrow. The books available will be listed on our website and you’ll be able to borrow them for up to a month.

You can request a book by contacting us through the website or at any of our coffee and chats. If someone else is borrowing a book at the time we’ll put in a request for it to be returned to the group so that it can be reissued.

A  couple of our members have already offered a couple of their own books to add to our collection. If you have a book (on lupus or related subject) please let us know and we’ll be delighted to add it to the selection.