Useful Tips for Summer


SunSense Ultra Sun Lotion

With summer just around the corner (hopefully!) it’s important for us to protect our skin. If you have lupus, then sun cream is available on prescription. Exposure to too much sun can lead to a lupus flare ups for some people (remember that UV levels can still be very high over the summer months even if its not actually hot). A lotion that several of us in the group use and like is SunSense Ultra SPF 50+. This is an Australian sun lotion that is light, non-greasy (doesn’t contain lanolin) and is easy to apply. It’s also available as a roll on.

If you’re suffering from rosy cheeks or the typical lupus facial rash and feeling a bit self conscious  then a green coloured cream make up can help to disguise it. Boots do one in their No. 7   range called Colour Calming Primer for about £10.00 and a green Corrector Stick in their Natural Collection for £2, Clinique also do one called Redness Solutions SPF 15 for £23.

If you’re prone to dry skin then several of us have found that Epaderm cream (available on prescription) helps. Aveeno (also available on prescription) is another cream for dry skin conditions. This doesn’t contain lanolin, but is based on oatmeal and other natural ingredients instead. It was recommended by a dermatologist I once saw and I have found it works well.