DLA/PIP changing Mobility component from 50m to 20m

International_Symbol_of_Access.svgIf you receive DLA or have a blue badge, then you probably know that the current benchmark for mobility is being able to walk a maximum of 50m. The government want to change this to 20m, which will have a huge impact on many people. 

Spartacus is a disability campaign group and this is their last ditch attempt  to improve the personal independence component of the mobility payment.

If you are in receipt of DLA, PIP or have a blue badge, then please take some time to read this and add your voice to fighting this change by heading over to their website and writing a response to the Government’s consultation and/or by signing this open letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg opposing it.

This extract explaining more about it, is from the Benefits and Work newsletter:

“Spartacus supporters have already taken the DWP to the High Court and forced them to carry out an additional consultation on PIP mobility. The DWP know that without this embarrassing extra consultation there is a real risk that the court would find that reducing the qualifying distance for enhanced PIP mobility from 50 metres to 20 metres was unlawful.

Now Spartacus are asking for your support by not only responding to the new PIP consultation, but also by sending them a copy of your response and signing the open letter that.

If there is overwhelming  support for keeping the distance at 50 metres, the DWP will either have to abide by this or admit that the reason they intend to disqualify hundreds of thousands of disabled people is solely to cut the benefits bill, something which they have repeatedly denied.

Whatever the outcome of the consultation, Benefits and Work believes it’s vital that Spartacus receives the biggest possible response.  The reality is that the well-funded organisations who should, and once would, have fought these battles on behalf of disabled claimants are no longer willing to do so.”